There are 300+ cars in the collection. All are different variations, colors. I like to collect odd variations that Aurora sold, especially during the end of the production run when they were selling the worst quality, but more unique and collectible cars.
Here's a brief rundown on what I have learned collecting Cigarbox & Speedline cars:

1st Variation:
Aurora TJet bodies, chrome wheels & rubber tires. High quality cars with original TJet Paint schemes & chrome. Each car was sold in a small yellow "Cigarbox". Great looking cars and released to compete with Lesney Matchbox cars. All Cigarbox cars have shorter front screw posts to accommodate the die-cast metal Cigarbox chassis. All the standard colored cars are identical to the TJets except one that I have found, a Snow White McLaren Elva. The chrome colors are light purple, dark purple, copper, peach, & gold.

2nd Variation:
Aurora Speedline Cars had hard black plastic wheels and used the same TJet bodies, but the quality was starting to degrade. Some cars are missing windshield glass, chrome parts and driver's heads are commonly missing. Some very cool chrome colors and different colored plastic was used, different than the TJets. Here you can find Lime Green, Black, Orange, Salmon, Gray and Purple bodies.

3rd Variation:
Aurora Super Speedster Cars were just pathetic. A way for Aurora to dump bodies and inventory. The quality of the cars sold was terrible, but for collectors today, some of the most interesting & collectible color variations came in the last run of 3-packs. I have found Plated red, copper, different shades of yellow, blues, green and red, orange, mustard, black, flesh or salmon, pumpkin & gray.

Cigarbox - Speedline Collection

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