Amazeamatic Collection

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The Fantastic Car With A Brain !

Collection Includes:

2 Prototypes Cars Hand-Made from Acetate
(Ford Mustang Mach 1 & Chevy Corvette Mako Shark)

 5 Vintage (60's) Polaroid pics of the prototypes from HMS Associates in Willow Grove, PA

 4 Mint In Box Amaze-A-Matic Customized Body Kits (Very hard to find)
(Dune Buggy, Mustang Funny Car, Stingray Special & VW Bug)

 12 Original Scale Drawings of Amazeamatic Parts - Chassis, Tires, Parts, etc

I acquired this unique collection around 12 years ago when Hasbro's creator of the G.I Joe action figures, Don Levine, sold his personal collection. 

(See copy of Toy Shop Article from 11/5/1999 below)

In that collection were other items from Hasbro that were non G.I Joe related, including the AMAZE-A-MATICS Prototypes, Blueprints and Extra Car Bodies.
The 2 prototypes were hand made by HMS Associates in Willow Grove, PA, the same company that designed many of the Aurora T-Jet Slot Cars, including the 3-Up T-Jet AMX I have.

The 2 prototype car bodies are 1-up (same size as the production Amaze-A-Matic cars) entirely hand-carved from acetate plastic.

These 100% authentic and original artifacts were created circa 1969 by a sculptor at HMS Associates in Willow Grove, PA.

The Prototype Red Vette & Green Mach 1 Mustang were never produced for the Amaze-A-Matics line in their present form.

They did produce a Mustang Funny Car and a Sting Ray Special that had very similar body lines.